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How can we help?

We offer legal assistance and professional consulting to both corporate and private clients. We always work closely with our clients as this puts us in the best position to protect your interests and meet your needs.

Corporate clients

We are here for you when you establish, expand, negotiate, or sell your business — and when you run into challenges. Our legal team are dedicated at finding the best solutions, and our advice helps ensure that your operations are both healthy and profitable.


Before and after bankruptcy, you, your employees, management, the board of directors, shareholders and suppliers are often faced with difficult choices — often without being familiar with the conditions for operating as a going concern, or the risk of loss and liability. In these types of situations, you need assistance from our legal professionals.

Private clients

Over the course of a lifetime, most people will find themselves facing painful situations where their family, assets and future financial security are at risk. If you are going through such a process, know that you are not alone — our legal team has the competence and experience necessary to find a good solution.