About us

A team player you can rely on.

We are a medium-sized law firm with a committed, diligent and experienced team of advisers. Our philosophy is simple - using Rime’s services must make sense financially.

Our approach

Rime is a medium-sized law firm which focuses on providing legal advice of high quality in a straightforward and readily comprehensible way. Our goal is to be a team player for our clients in that we go beyond simply proffering advice that is satisfactory in terms of law – we also look at the situation of the client in its entirety and seek a solution that is most beneficial to the client in overall terms. We also endeavor to ensure that our advice is profitable in that the cost of our services must not exceed the usefulness of a favourable outcome.

Our history

The history of Rime Advokatfirma DA dates back to 1964 when Supreme Court Attorney Finn Rime started his own law practice in Oslo. From the outset the firm focused on bankruptcy and insolvency and Rime continues to be an innovative practitioner in the administration of large and complex bankruptcy estates.

Today, Rime is a modern knowledge-driven firm that provides legal services to business and industry, within marriage and succession, and on real estate law.

International contacts

Rime is the only Norwegian member of the global Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) network of independent law firms. LAW has over 100 member firms located in more than 50 countries. LAW is a global resource comprising in excess of 4000 individual lawyers. Our membership of LAW enables us to offer speedy and cost-effective first-class legal advice in all major countries and key towns and cities.

Join us?

We have an excellent team but are always interested in contacting able practitioners who appreciate working in a professional, manageably-sized and friendly environment. For further information, please contact Karen Margrethe Rime or Niels R Kiær.