Financial restructuring of companies

At Rime we assist companies getting through financial challenges. Healthy and viable companies can experience unforeseen losses, market failures or other crises that dramatically affect their future outlook. Our financial restructuring solutions can assist good companies through difficult times, to the benefit of all stakeholders; owners, directors, employees and creditors.

We base our assistance on:

  • Our insolvency practice.
    Over the years, we have handled thousands of insolvencies and bankruptcies. We are very familiar with all the challenges, the regulations and also the solutions that may be available.
  • In-depth knowledge of financial law:
    The key to a successful restructuring is often to find good solutions with the banks and other financial creditors. We have considerable experience in financial law, both from counselling banks and borrowers. Our position therefore gives us a unique starting point for finding solutions to crucial and urgent issues during a restructuring.
  • Time and attention to each individual case:
    At Rime we provide personal, knowledgeable and inclusive legal services by an efficient, committed and experienced team of personal advisers. We are always committed to your case, and we strive for your success.

Restructuring solutions

Which restructuring solutions that may suit your company's challenges the best must be assessed on a case - by - case basis, but such solutions may include:

  • Legal review for mapping legal action alternatives, preferably in collaboration with financial and operational analysis;
  • Creditor agreements - negotiations, conclusion and follow-up;
  • Debt settlement negotiations:
  • Restructurings according to the Norwegian Reconstruction Act;
  • Restructuring in the form of share issue, new loans, downsizing, newco structures, sale of subsidiaries or parts of the business, liquidation, etc.;
  • Hiring personnel for operations, management and financial support in companies in crisis;
  • Bankruptcy petition, and purchase of business from bankruptcy estate.

We are happy to discuss your case with you and how we may assist. From the starting point this will of course be non-binding and confidential. If this may be of interest to you, please contact the lawyers below.

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