Morten Haugen


Morten Haugen’s practice is mainly within bankruptcy law and matters concerned with businesses in financial difficulties, including different entities affected by such difficulties or bankruptcy proceedings. His legal experience in this field is from a wide range of rolls, comprising judicial positions, trustee assignments, leader of debt negotiations committee, counsellor and advisor. Morten Haugen regularly receives assignments as court appointed trustee of bankruptcy estates, and has extensive experience in debt negotiation and bankruptcy. His work comprises a wide range of cases including small, medium and large sized businesses and companies within business sectors as real estate, construction, commerce, service and industry. Professional experience is mainly within debt settlements and bankruptcy proceedings, contracts, professional liability, litigation, transactions, real estate and inheritance.

From the date of incorporation of Rime, Morten Haugen has from taken actively part in the formation and development of the lawfirm, as Chairman of the Board from 2006 until 2014. He is from 2006 appointed member of the disciplinary committee of The Norwegian Bar association in Oslo and from 2016 Member of the Board of Paahjul Oslo AS.