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The form in which most business and industry is organised is the company or corporation and to succeed in a business it is essential to have a knowledge of company law.

Advising on issues of company law therefore requires knowledge of the legal frameworks within which companies operate and develop to ensure the success of the business. Moreover, it involves handling and regulating the relationship between the owners to ensure that all parties are pulling in the same direction, for example in the form of shareholders’ agreements or joint-venture agreements. To avoid losses and liability it is also essential to comply with the increasingly stringent requirements imposed by the authorities on business operations. Companies offer opportunities for growth, the creation of value and the generation of profits, but putting a foot wrong can result in extensive liability.

At Rime we have substantial experience of advising on issues of company law – from the incorporation of start-up companies to the regulation of the relationship between owners to providing day-to-day assistance to international corporate groups.

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